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Spring 2023


TITLE Magazine fosters an environment of creative collaboration, nurturing personal growth among its team members within a self-directed, peer-guided workspace.

Issue 007 is all about subversion. Each project touches on the undermining of the power and authority of an established system or institution in some way shape or form. TITLE staff was encouraged to think about themes of defiance, disorder, liberation, etc., and apply these ideas to concepts that we find interesting. 


Project Lead, Senior Layout Designer, & Senior Graphic Designer

Photos by Daniel Iroh
Dinner & Diatribes
Concept Development, Layout, Graphics
Inspired by Hozier's song “Dinner & Diatribes”, this project is an interpretation of the loneliness and discontent that is derived from enduring an evening of disingenuous social banter at the dinner table– or really any social situation where one feels disconnected from those around them due to a lack of authenticity or depth.
When designing the layout for my project "Dinner & Diatribes," I aimed to blend a sentimental topic with an element of rebellion. Reflecting on areas in my life where I felt a deep desire to challenge societal norms, I focused on the issue of young adults in modern society lacking space for vulnerable conversations, often resorting to shallow small talk. Through this project, I wanted to use a common social scenario to rebel against this lack of authenticity and prompt deeper, more vulnerable interactions.
Project Lead: Carson Mills | Layout: Carson Mills, Penelope Clark | Graphics: Carson Mills, Elizabeth Bonbright | Photography: Aaliyah Sansone | Styling: Sophie Peeler | Writing: Ellie Naehring
God Bless (The Midwest)
Layout, Graphics
The crux of this project is exploring Christianity as a prevailing influence in the Midwest and analyzing how it is and isn’t subverted. God Bless (The Midwest) delves into how people find and reclaim religion or spirituality outside of the power structure of the church.
For Lydia's project God Bless (The Midwest), the layout design draws inspiration from two distinct visual influences: the attention-grabbing style of highway Jesus billboards and the clean, authoritative aesthetic of vintage news articles. This combination creates a bold and clean typographic layout that juxtaposes but does not overshadow, the photos used in the project.
Project Lead: Lydia Masset | Layout: Carson Mills, Erin Rankin | Graphics: Lydia Masset, Carson Mills | Photography: Lydia Masset | Styling: Kat Newcombe | Writing: Vivien Smith, Dillion McCormick


The University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH