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 Spring 2024


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Issue 008 is all about time. Time is a strange thing. You can't feel it. You can’t touch it. It stretches moments into immeasurable years. And yet, at the snap of its fingers, decades disappear into seconds. What is time? How does it move? How long has it really been? Do you have enough? Do you have too much? Where has your time taken you?


Publication Editor, Project lead, Senior Layout Designer, & Senior Graphic Designer

Photos by Daniel Iroh
Limerent Object
Concept Development, Layout, Graphics
Limerence, a state of intense infatuation often characterized by obsessive thoughts and fantasies about a desired person, can be all-consuming of one’s time. This project delves into the nature of limerence and how it affects the allocation of time, attention, and focus within an individual’s life.
When approaching the concept development for my project, I considered how the subject of time could be unique to my experience while still resonating with a broader audience. Reflecting on what currently occupies my time led me to conceptualize “Limerent Object,” a theme rooted in objects of affection. To visually symbolize this invisible obsessive longing, I collaborated with my team through conversation and research on posing, makeup, and wardrobe. Together, we chose a visual direction that effectively conveyed my concept. We incorporated masculine elements into the model’s wardrobe, applied a messy red lip for her makeup, and utilized unconventional poses to enhance the portrayal of my theme.
Project Lead: Carson Mills | Layout: Carson Mills, Lindsey Barnett | Graphics: Carson Mills, Mea Richards | Photography: Ellen Stevenot, Rachel Cai | Styling: Ben Booker, Shannon Renner | Writing: Jordan Curtis | Model: Mae Hanna
In The Mood For Love
Layout, Graphics
Heavily inspired by the film In The Mood For Love, this project aims to recreate the visual tones and overall mood established through intimate cinematography. In The Mood For Love is a movie that pulls the viewer in and transports them back in time, in this case, the 60s. The themes within this movie aid in establishing issue 008’s theme: time.
For Elijah’s concept In The Mood For Love, my approach to the layout design was deeply influenced by the film itself. The project aims to encapsulate the movie’s nostalgic atmosphere and transport viewers back to the 1960s. To achieve this, I drew inspiration from the aesthetics of 60s Chinese album covers and movie posters. The layout design not only captures the essence of "In The Mood For Love" but also enhances the thematic exploration of time.
Project Lead: Elijah Garitson | Layout: Carson Mills, Dan Kessler | Graphics: Carson Mills, Oliver Shailes | Photography: Elijah Garitson, Jewell Greene, Sophia DiRico, Daniel Iroh | Styling: Natalie Price | Writing: Sophia DiRico | Model: Jinghui Li, Adeline Jelinek


The University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH