UI/UX Design


Spring 2023


Memo is a task manager intended to aid users in organizing weekly activities and to-dos. This application is designed to intuitively break up information in a digestible and comprehensive way. Through the use of folders, lists, and reminders, Memo combats frustration and helps prevent failure to complete tasks.


Through peer sample data collection, I discovered 64.3% of college-age students feel overwhelmed by their current task management style. This data showed a lack of task reminders is the largest contributing factor to the failure to complete a task. With this insight in mind, I sought to create an app that prioritizes task management with intuitive reminders/notifications.

User Journey Map
Using a journey map, I was able to visualize and showcase the steps a user takes during the task management process. This visualization document allowed me to pinpoint user pains and expectations.
Paper Prototypes
Task Flow 1 Wireframes
Task Flow 2 Wireframes
Task management as a mellow, stress-relieving process. A black, white, and yellow palette with accents of red and green best supports a clear and intuitive process. Applying this palette and overall mood minimally was imperative in reducing the anxiety that comes with an overwhelming
Final Screens User Flow 1
Splash Screen

Loading Page

Home Page - Swipe to Sort
Welcome Page

Folders Page
Create An Account Page

Home Page
Onboarding Page 1

Home Page - Swipe to Complete
Onboarding Page 2

Home Page - Swipe to Edit
Final Screens User Flow 12
Task Detail Page

Add a Task Page - Date & Time Set
Add a Task Page

Add a Task Page - Priority
Add a Task Page - Date

Add a Task Page - Folder
Add a Task Page - Time

Task Added Pop-up
Timer Repeat Page



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